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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Piracy at its Peak

Technology is developing rapidly daily. Sir Issac Newton from his third law says that for every action there is an equal and an opposite reaction. From his law the rapid and legal development in Technology has a led to the illegal world of piracy. Yes piracy is nowadays ruling the world and it will occupy the world within few years.

There is a reason for writing is post. Actually I was searching for a software named as PDF password recovery. I just searched Google and found out the website for it. The cost was mentioned as 10$ for full version. After that I went to torrent site and searched for the same. The same full software was available at free of cost. Not only this software moreover every software developed in this world is available in torrent at free of cost.

Another type of piracy that has become more and more popular is movie download. The number of persons downloading the movie illegally is increasing daily. There are many groups like aXXo, Fxg, Fxm, BuggBunny, Neroz who rip the movie to the size of 700mb. When they upload the movies their fans immediately download it. Let me explain the movie piracy with an example. The movie dark knight has been downloaded nearly 732,460 times. The cost of one dvd is nearly 15$ then

732,460 * 15$ = 1098900.. This means that Warner brothers have faced a loss of nearly 108900$ in DVD sales due to this illegal download.

The above graph explains the losses in million in each and every place. This is because of illegal download.

There are nearly 450 torrent sites in which the number of files available in it is nearly 40.04 million. There are nearly more than 1 million torrent available online. Apart from software, movies there are lot of sites which contains e books, magazine, audio, videos tutorial. In short I could say that every thing is available in torrent at free of cost. If this continues then the world will be facing a huge amount of losses..

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