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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Copied Tamil songs from English by Deva

Well after a long search am here to post some details about the songs which is copied from hollywood songs and album. Well know music directors like Illayaraja, A.R.Rahman, MSV, Harris Jeyaraj, Yuvan Shankar raja do such copying business. The above mentioned people just copy only the theme and change it to their requirement accordingly. But there is one music director who just blindly copies and without making any modifications just reproduces it. This illegal copyright work is done by one and only music director DEVA. He is the master of copying songs from English and with out any modification changes the lyrics alone. He is known as the xerox machine of Tamil industry. I will list out of the songs that he has copied from English along with the links .

a. Avvai Shamughi

veelai veela song from 2Unlimited-Workaholic

b. Citizen

I like u song from I feel lonely- Sasha

c. Mugavari

hey hey keetchu kiliye from Dr. AlbanEnemies

oh nenju song from back street boys.

d. Arunachalam

The main theme music of the movie is copied from it

e. Red

The opening song of this is copied from the Den Harrow-Catch the fox

f. Vaali

Oh sonna is copied Suzanna Artcomp

e. Kannethire thondrinaal

salomiya song from salomiyaa

f. Kushi

yaar solvatho why you wanna trip on me (Michael Jackson - Dangerous)

oh vennila from another song

g. Nerukku Ner

Akila akila song from Bob Marley-Buffalo soldier

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Piracy at its Peak

Technology is developing rapidly daily. Sir Issac Newton from his third law says that for every action there is an equal and an opposite reaction. From his law the rapid and legal development in Technology has a led to the illegal world of piracy. Yes piracy is nowadays ruling the world and it will occupy the world within few years.

There is a reason for writing is post. Actually I was searching for a software named as PDF password recovery. I just searched Google and found out the website for it. The cost was mentioned as 10$ for full version. After that I went to torrent site and searched for the same. The same full software was available at free of cost. Not only this software moreover every software developed in this world is available in torrent at free of cost.

Another type of piracy that has become more and more popular is movie download. The number of persons downloading the movie illegally is increasing daily. There are many groups like aXXo, Fxg, Fxm, BuggBunny, Neroz who rip the movie to the size of 700mb. When they upload the movies their fans immediately download it. Let me explain the movie piracy with an example. The movie dark knight has been downloaded nearly 732,460 times. The cost of one dvd is nearly 15$ then

732,460 * 15$ = 1098900.. This means that Warner brothers have faced a loss of nearly 108900$ in DVD sales due to this illegal download.

The above graph explains the losses in million in each and every place. This is because of illegal download.

There are nearly 450 torrent sites in which the number of files available in it is nearly 40.04 million. There are nearly more than 1 million torrent available online. Apart from software, movies there are lot of sites which contains e books, magazine, audio, videos tutorial. In short I could say that every thing is available in torrent at free of cost. If this continues then the world will be facing a huge amount of losses..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 10 legends of Hollywood..

1. Al pacino:
Al pacino comes the first in my list and he is the one among the best actors ever seen. I am much impressed by the way he acts and another important thing is am a biggest fan of his voice. He speaks his dialog very clearly with a good accent. Some of his best movies are
"Scent of a women"
"The God father trilogy"
"Dog day afternoon"

2. Robert DiNiro:
Another big legend equal to pacino who excels in acting and action. He is the lord of world cinema. There is no one to dreams of his magnetic screen presence. But he often plays characters that are often prone to brutal violence and/or characters who are borderline psychotics. His finest are
"Taxi driver"
"Raging bull"
"Good fellas"

3. Tom Hanks:
An versatile actor who suits for any role and does his work correctly with perfection.
"Forrest Gump"
"Cast away"
"Green Mile" are some of his finest.

4. Russell Crowe:
Russell is basically an Australian and he is one of the most fabulous actors of this world. A Good looking actor continues to rule the hearts of millions of people across the globe. His best are
"A beautiful mind"
"American gangster"
"Cindrella man"

5. Leonardo DiCaprio:
The simple way to expess him as "The Synonym of smartness". Having been exposed to the world of underground art from an early age, Leonardo is instilled with a sense that creativity hugely important thing. He has developed into one of his generation's most gifted and versatile talents.
Leonardo has done best in these movies
"Gangs Of New York"
"Catch Me If You Can"
"The Aviator"
"Blood Diamond"
"The departed"

6. Brad pitt:
Brad Pitt....What Shld I Say...Sexiest and stylish Man Alive and in simple I could say that he is the mesmerizer. My opinion is Brad Pitt ROCKSSSSSS.
"Mr and Mrs Smith"
"Spy Game" and a lot.

7. Jim Carrey:
The best comedian of the world after Charlie Chaplin. He's undoubtedly the best comedian and he is one of the best actors also. A man with a rubber face behind which he can hide any expression, feeling and pain too. Hat's off to his who makes us smile even in the gloomiest times. His finest are
"Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"
"Bruce almighty"
"Number 23"
"Liar liar"
"Dumb and dumber"

8. Tom Cruise:
Tom cruise.. The adorable, cute, hot, cool, stylish in his own way and has an admirable personality. I could say that his style is more remarkable.
"MI series"
"Top Gun"
"The last samurai"
"Minority Report"
"Vanilla sky" are some of his master piece.

9. Christian Bale
The man who is the most versatile actor this generation has ever seen , I would highly rate his acting skills and probably the best actor in the history of modern cinema. With a wistful handsomeness to complement his impressive, sometimes underrated talent, Bale has become something of a quiet sensation, netting choice roles in a number of unconventional, critically acclaimed films. His best are
"Batman series"
"American psycho"
"The prestige"

10. Johnny Depp
Again comes a versatile actor who has fixed a place in hollywood on his own. The way he did his role as captain jack sparrow in pirates of the caribbean made me the fan of him.
"Pirates of the Caribbean"
"Charlie and the chocklate factory"
"Finding neverland"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who Does What In A Movie??

Hit movie!! a regular term used when a person likes the movie which he has seen recently. He will praise the actor for that movie. But actually it is the effort of more than 100 technician to create a movie. Have a look over the technician terms and their role in creating the movie.

The director controls everything, gives orders to the cast and crew and makes sure that the script is followed.


There can be more than one producer, who is responsible for raising the money to make the film and for other important activities, such as as casting and controlling the costs.

Screenplay writer
The person who writes the script. This gives the actors and actresses their lines and explains how the action takes place.

The actors and actresses who appear in the film.

The people who appear in crowd scenes but do not have speaking parts.

Animatronic engineer
The technician responsible for making the robotic creatures used in science-fiction and fantasy films.

Art director
The art director coordinates the costumes, sets and make-up to set the overall style of the film.

Best boy
The deputy electrician, assistant to the gaffer.

Casting director
The person who chooses the actors for each role in the film.

The caterer supplies meals so that the cast and crew can work all day.

The person who directs the lighting and films the action, originally called the cameraman.

Clapper loader
Details of each scene are witting on a special board called a clapper board. The clapper loader snaps it shut in front of the camera as filming beings to record what is being filmed.

The composer writes the music or adapts an existing score as a backing track to the film.

Costume designer
The costume designer is responsible for designing and supplying the special clothing worn by the cast.

The editor cuts and connects the best versions of each section of film to create the final version.

The chief electrician, who is responsible for lighting the set. The word may come from slang for grandfather - a senior person respected by everyone. Gaffer tape is the heavy-duty tape used on sets to secure cables and almost anything else.

Key grip
A grip is responsible for moving the sets and for laying the tracks on which the camera runs. The key grip is in charge of all the other grips.

Make up artist
He or she applies the cosmetics which alter or improve an actor's looks under the studio lights.

Sound engineer
This engineer makes sure that the actors' dialogue and all the other sounds heard on the film are properly recorded and synchronized with the action.

Special effects coordinator
This person is responsible for creating spectacular scenes through a mixture of photographic mechanical and computer methods.

Stunt man/woman
Specialists who perform the actions that are too difficult or dangerous for an actor. Stunt doubles are stunt men or women made up to look like the actors so it looks as though the actors have performed a feat themselves.

Wardrobe mistress
The wardrobe mistress (or master) is in charge of the costumes, making sure they fit, are in good condition and available when they are needed for a scene.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Favorite Director..

Christopher Nolan, the legendary director who directs movie which makes you to watch the movie thrice to get the exact plot of the movie. Actually I became a fan of him after watching the movie "Memento". Really I couldn't believe my eyes after seeing that movie. I have watched that movie nearly eight times in order to get the exact plot of the movie.

Then I surfed the net to know about the list of movies directed by him. The next movie that I watched was "The Prestige", which is based upon magic and illusion. Unless and until you keep a constant vigilance over the movie u cannot understand the exact plot of the movie because from the first scene of the movie till the end it contains a lot of twist and turns. "Insomnia" the third venture of Nolan which is a movie based on Crime really was very interesting.

The famous super hero movie "The Batman" and "The Dark Knight" is also a master piece of Nolan. Unlike other super hero movies it doesnot contains graphics, fiction and fantasy. This movie is fully action packed and logical. "The Dark Knight" is in the fourth position among 250 movies of IMDB and this movie is the maximum downloaded movie i.e., it has been downloaded nearly by 5 lakhs members.

After watching those movie I was very eager to watch his first movie "Following". Even with a low budget he is able to do his best. After watching that now I have become a die hard fan of Nolan.

His mind-boggling narration of a story, his outstanding Direction, his mind-boggling narration of a story, his extremely great choice of the cast, his outstanding Direction and his mind-boggling narration of a story made to become the biggest fan of him. Nolan really rockz. Hatz off to the best director. Early waiting for his next movie!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How Windows XP Starts

After the computer starts and hands off the process to the operating system, Windows XP continues to load in the following manner:

1. The MBR a small program, as it can't do much work loads NTLDR  into memory. This MBR is typically found on the first sector of a hard drive. 

2. NTLDR switches the control to a file named BOOT.INI and then reads the contents of it. The BOOT.INI file contains information on the different boot sectors that exist on your computer.

3. If a computer has multiple bootable partitions, NTLDR uses the information in the BOOT.INI file to display a menu. That menu contains options on the various operating systems that you can load. If a computer has only one bootable partition, NTLDR bypasses the menu and loads Windows XP.

4. NTLDR opens a program into memory named NTDETECT.COM which performs a complete hardware test on your computer. After determining the hardware that is present, NTDETECT.COM gives that information back to NTLDR.

5. NTLDR then loads the version of Windows XP that we select in Step 3. Then is finds the NTOSKRNL file in the System32 folder. NTOSKRNL is the root program of the Windows operating system: the kernel. 

6. NTLDR passes the control of the boot process to the kernel and to another file named HAL.DLL. HAL.DLL controls the hardware abstraction layer (HAL), which is the protective layer between Windows and a computer’s hardware that enables such stability in the Windows XP environment.

7. NTOSKRNL handles the rest of the boot process which loads the additional files that make up the core Windows XP operating system.

8. Next, Windows verifies whether there is more than one hardware profile configured for the computer. If there is more than one profile, Windows displays a menu from which to choose. If there is only one hardware profile, Windows bypasses the menu and loads the default profile.

9. After Windows knows which hardware profile to use, Windows next loads all the device drivers for the hardware on your computer. By this time, you are looking at the Welcome To Windows XP boot screen.

10. Finally, Windows starts any services that are scheduled to start automatically. While services are starting, Windows displays the logon screen.

How a Computer Starts

The usage of computer has increased rapidly and it has become part and parcel of our life. But many of us don't know how a computer starts. Let me give the entire process that is happening after we press the button of CPU. 

When we press the power button on a computer, power is provided to all the components and the boot process begins. This process happens as follows:

1. When we supply power to the motherboard on a computer, the BIOS begins a process called power-on self test(POST). During this operation, the BIOS tests important hardware that is available on the computer. 

2. BIOS first gives the control of testing process to the display adapter. That's why the first screen that appears while a computer starts is blank.

3. The display adapter then gives control back to the POST routine

4. POST tests the processor and displays the version on the screen.

5. After the processor test is complete, POST gives the control back to the BIOS. At this point, you can press the F2 key (or whatever key allows you to enter the BIOS setup on your computer) to configure BIOS settings.

6. Let us assume that we don't enter BIOS setup , BIOS tests your memory next. 

7. BIOS then checks the connections to your various hard drives, DVD drives, and floppy drives. If no connections are present, or if connections are different from what is listed in the BIOS settings, BIOS displays an error message, and the boot process halts. You must enter BIOS setup to correct these problems.

8. Assuming that all goes well, BIOS next displays a screen that summarizes the state of computer.

9. BIOS then calls a special software code named the BIOS operating system bootstrap loader 

10. After BIOS finds a bootable disk, it loads the program that is found at the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the disk into computer’s memory and gives control of the computer to that program. Assuming that BIOS gives control to the MBR on the boot partition that contains Windows XP, the startup phase now moves from the starting of your computer to the starting of Windows.