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Friday, November 28, 2008

My Favorite Director..

Christopher Nolan, the legendary director who directs movie which makes you to watch the movie thrice to get the exact plot of the movie. Actually I became a fan of him after watching the movie "Memento". Really I couldn't believe my eyes after seeing that movie. I have watched that movie nearly eight times in order to get the exact plot of the movie.

Then I surfed the net to know about the list of movies directed by him. The next movie that I watched was "The Prestige", which is based upon magic and illusion. Unless and until you keep a constant vigilance over the movie u cannot understand the exact plot of the movie because from the first scene of the movie till the end it contains a lot of twist and turns. "Insomnia" the third venture of Nolan which is a movie based on Crime really was very interesting.

The famous super hero movie "The Batman" and "The Dark Knight" is also a master piece of Nolan. Unlike other super hero movies it doesnot contains graphics, fiction and fantasy. This movie is fully action packed and logical. "The Dark Knight" is in the fourth position among 250 movies of IMDB and this movie is the maximum downloaded movie i.e., it has been downloaded nearly by 5 lakhs members.

After watching those movie I was very eager to watch his first movie "Following". Even with a low budget he is able to do his best. After watching that now I have become a die hard fan of Nolan.

His mind-boggling narration of a story, his outstanding Direction, his mind-boggling narration of a story, his extremely great choice of the cast, his outstanding Direction and his mind-boggling narration of a story made to become the biggest fan of him. Nolan really rockz. Hatz off to the best director. Early waiting for his next movie!!

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