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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check Out Whter you are Tamil!!

Want to know what, well answer tis multiple-choice questionnaire and figure out who you are.

1. You are in a public place where several others have also gathered. Your mobile phone rings, what do you do?

a) You discreetly switch it off, and generally look apologetic at others.

b) You move away from the place to attend the call.

c) You don't switch off the mobile, nor silence it. You also don't realize that others are looking you.

d) You let the phone ring, which by the way has the latest hit song in the highest volume as the
ring tone. You belatedly pick the phone and speak to the person at the other end in a tone which could be heard by him even without the benefit of the phone.

2. You go to the railway station to book tickets. The counter is crowded with several hundreds lined up. What do you do?

a) You walk away with the hope of booking the tickets through the internet.

b) You patiently wait in the line till your turn comes.

c) You try to catch the attention of someone known to you at the counter and then book the tickets through him. You get testy with any one who protests your short cut methods.

d) You bare in and jump the line with the subtlety of an elephant in heat. You badmouth whoever raises his or her voice against your aggression. But you do not berate the person manning the counter for being slow. You also have some choice words against the 'system' for being so bad and unorganized.

3) You go to a Kamal Haasan movie and when people ask for your opinion on the movie, you

a) Speak your mind honestly.

b) Talk in mildly generalistic terms, without saying one thing or another.

c) Say that it is better than the last Rajnikanth movie.

d) Not only say that it is better than the last Rajnikanth movies, but add that it will run for over 100 days. Further, you generally badmouth other actors' movies. Similarly, if you like Ilayaraja's music, it naturally follows that you have to hate whatever Rahman has to offer.

4) You are on along trip to a foreign country, say, Beijing. What will you eat at the hotels?

a) Generally try to order local delicacies in a bid to appreciate the local flavour.

b) You eat that will suit your palate without in anyway being opinionated.

c) You let out expletives in your native tongue knowing full well that the locals can't figure out what you are fuming at. You badmouth the Chinese as a race that was capable of earing mangots and cockroaches as delicacies.

d) You do the previous thing, but also ask the clueless Chinese waiter where ou can possibly find idly, vada sambhar in Beijing.

5) Your idea of celebrating a festival

a) A quiet get together with family and friends at your house.

b) Play with the kids and help in household work.

c) Go to a theme park or a cinema hall and creat an almight racket. You wear loud costumes and jewellery and let you chilcren spoil others' fund.

d) You switch on the TV even before the sun is out and watch it all through the day. You hardly notice who visits your house. You sit through programmes in which directors of movies like Kannamma or Uliyin Osai are interviewed. Cinema shows and Patti mandapam debates would be your topic for discussion in the office.

6) Your idea of romance

a) A private moment with your loved one at your favourte location.

b) Reading poetry and listening to music with your companion.

c) You take your partner to the beach and pass time making ridiculous comments on others.

d) Watching cinema while loudly talking private matters disturbing others.

7) You like to read

a) Classics and writing of talented authors

b) Well reasearched journals and informative articles.

c) Things that come acompanied by big illustrations and snippets that you cann't remember
after five minutes.

d) Reading? What is that? It is perhaps something you do only when you have nothing else like in times of travelling. You enhance your understanding of the world by reading rank gossips on buxom actresses.

8) You wear

a) Outfits that match your age and suit your taste.

b) Trendy without being ostentatious

c) Generally something that is inappropriate to the occasion.

d) Anything that Ajith or Vijay or Rajnikanth wore in their last movie. You will look like a circus clown in that. But you will go around feeling that you are modelling for Armani.

9) Your language of communication with fellow residents

a) Something that you and the others are comfortable with.

b) Your mother tonguie which the other person also understands.

c) Not Tamil,

d) Surely not Tamily, Usually bad English.


If you have consistently marked A and B for your answers, you are certainly not a Tamil. You perhaps have not visited beyond the Vindyas. And for all I care, you are not an Indian at all.

If you have marked 'C', you have certainly been living in Tamilnadu for quite some time now. Don't worry your mother tongue is not tamil, you are tamil in every respect.

If your answers are 'D', you indeed a true blue Tamil.